After more than 20 years helping businesses improve their Process Safety, Security and other EHS Programs, AcuTech leveraged its consulting expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop and deliver Acuity®; the most flexible, scalable, focused and cost effective EHS and Risk Management solution on the market today which improves operational performance and compliance.

Acuity® is an innovative cloud-based solution which delivers insight into process safety risk within the business through the consolidation of multiple process safety audits and assessments into one central risk registry platform, promoting increased audit efficiency, better assessment management, real-time visibility into the risk within the business and resolution of risk metrics through automated action item management.

Acuity® enables the mobility of existing process safety, security and environmental assessments from the office down into the field to facilitate field level audits and assessments in accordance with existing company process safety and risk methodology. Acuity® replicates virtually any type of checklist, form, audit, inspection, survey, field review, management walk around and pre-startup reviews, which you are currently performing with spreadsheets, word documents or existing home grown software applications.


Assessments & Audits

Acuity® provides industry protocols for managing conformance to the operational requirements of EHS, Process Safety, Security and more. You may also replicate your existing company protocols or import existing assessments and audits for instant access.

Management Systems

Acuity® allows auditors, teams and managers to track, manage and collaborate on multiple assessment projects from one centralized platform, promoting the capture and retention of process safety, security and overall risk knowledge organization wide.

Risk Management

Acuity® provides flexible and dynamic risk modeling, allowing companies to standardize their methodology across their business, thereby supporting benchmarking with real-time analytics for a single division, business unit or entire organization.

Checklists, Inspections

Acuity® allows managers to compare facilities, organizations, sites, or projects based on performance metrics through intuitive dashboards and reports. Users can work from virtually any location, whether that is online, offline or mobile with an iPad.

Trusted By The Worlds Largest Companies

Acuity® helps companies manage risk proactively through the execution of a repeatable consistent approach. Acuity® can identify, assess, and mitigate health, safety, environmental and security risks across multiple facilities providing real time insight and transparency from the remote worker to the executive and other stakeholders.

For today’s asset intensive business, to reach Operational Excellence is a demanding challenging, daunting task, one which cannot be reached efficiently through silos of information, multiple spreadsheets and outdated data. Acuity® delivers real-time analytics for any type of risk assessment project as its being completed from across your business, regardless of location. With Acuity®, managers, team leads and assessors now have a technology platform which delivers strategies to drive improvements in safety, security and operational excellence. Acuity® delivers a more resilient organization that safely achieves optimal results.

Acuity® At A Glance

Knowledge Management

Acuity® connects your organizational knowledge, integrates and improves your existing management system processes, and empowers your teams with assessment and analysis tools.

Central Risk Registry

By using Acuity® you have a central risk registry platform supporting virtually any type of risk assessment and real-time consolidation of the data supporting better insight and decision making.

Training & Collaboration

Acuity® supports quality improvement and learning by allowing team leaders to collaborate with audit teams in real-time and for assessors to have instant access to training or reference information over the cloud.

Increase Efficiency & Accuracy

Acuity® improves the efficiency of performing risk assessments by providing ready-made protocols and templates through a collaborative technology to plan, execute, report and monitor the results.

Field Level Mobility

Acuity® promotes the mobility of the safety, security and environment management audits from the office into the field with leading mobile technology supporting data synchronization.

Configurable & Scalable

Acuity® replicates your existing protocols and risk methodologies, allowing for unlimited possibilities and configurations, promoting standardization and increased audit efficiency across your business.

Acuity® is your solution to managing assessments, audits, checklists and much more.