About Us

AcuTech Software is the software division of AcuTech Consulting Group, the leaders in process safety since 1994. AcuTech Software started as an idea from a small team of consultants who had been working on various oil and gas, chemical, LNG and pharmaceutical audits and assessments for process safety and risk management. Originally AcuTech’s consulting team would be working with excel spreadsheets in accordance to various regulatory requirements. Through performing these assessments, the team identified a number of challenges with using spreadsheets and in some cases, outdated software technology when you have multiple sites to audit.

From the challenges our team experienced in simply trying to perform these assessments and compile the results into executive summary reports, the idea of Acuity® was born! What if we could develop a platform which not only supported the replication of virtually any type of assessment methodology, but worked the way we wanted to, online, offline, and mobile with our iPads?

What if we could simply perform our audit and assessment on the assigned elements and instantly, as a team, view the results in real-time through intuitive dashboards, reports and perform benchmarking and comparisons between sites? What if, without manipulating data, cutting and pasting recommendations, we could automatically start assigning tasks to our team at the click of a button? Acuity® addresses a number of challenges, companies continue to face with using static desktop software, word documents and spreadsheets.

To date, Acuity® has been used on hundreds of audits and assessments, both by AcuTech consultants and clients on multiple projects and is the preferred platform our consultants continue to use to perform PSM audits, assessments, checklists and other risk methodology, for some of our largest oil and gas, LNG, pharmaceutical and chemical clients with amazing results, visibility, efficiency and accuracy.

Until now there has not been a company that has solely been focused on addressing these challenges by combining industry best practices, proven field experience and leveraging the latest technology. After more than 20 years helping businesses improve their Environmental, Health, Safety and Security Programs, AcuTech has leveraged its vast industry experience and deep appreciation for the existing gaps in the EHS software market to develop and deliver Acuity; the world’s most flexible, scalable, and focused EHS and Risk Management solution available today.

Acuity® is a cloud based enterprise software solution supporting process safety assessments, audits and checklists, often replacing the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet approach.

Acuity® is your solution to managing assessments, audits, checklists and much more.