Why Use Acuity® For Managing Risk?

Sure, we’ve all been there, using a spreadsheet to manage a risk assessment, or checklists. Its free and everyone has been doing it this way since the beginning. We all know the frustrations of using spreadsheets and outdated software, it’s time consuming, prone to errors, difficult to use and you have to potentially compile data from multiple audits to make sense of where the risk is to your business. But who said we have to put up with these methods and do it this way?

There is a better way – imagine a world where instantly, you can see all the risk across your business, pin point how one site compares to another, set benchmarks and, in real time, see how your sites are performing. With Acuity’s® flexibility, at the click of a button you can assign a task to a team member, compile data from multiple assessors, promote standardization to your corporate risk methodology and deploy a central protocol registry supporting all your methodology, all while working the way you want, whether it’s on a mobile device such as an iPad, in the office, or remotely where you have no internet connection.

With the flexibility of Acuity® you can replicate your existing risk methodology, standardize your business processes, capture knowledge from across the team and gain greater insight as to the risk within a business division or, project, or company wide, without the need to compile data, copy and paste information and generate reams of reports. Who wants to juggle multiple spreadsheets to try and compile the results from your different business units and teams to determine where your risk is, if you are in compliance, or how one site compares to another? As you can appreciate as you analyze the data, if someone changes the audit worksheet after they have sent it to you, it’s already out of date.

Simply, you don’t have to struggle, anymore. Acuity® is the only cross device platform which allows you to work the way you want to, in sync with your teams and business divisions, regardless of where they or you are located. Acuity® is scalable to meet your specific business needs now and well into the future, and it’s backed by military grade data encryption and security using industry leading IT infrastructures.

Join us for this informative webinar where we discuss the challenges of managing risk with spreadsheets and, outdated technology and introduce you to Acuity – The Smart Solution To Risk.

“I am really impressed with the capability of Acuity®. Congratulations!”

What is the basic necessity to use Acuity®? All you need is an internet connection to work online, download our offline app, sync your projects and go to work! Its that simple. Acuity® was developed to have a low to no learning curve, if you can perform assessments with spreadsheets, you can use Acuity®. We offer free technical support and will help you every step of the way.

Webinar: June 28th at 10:00am EST

Acuity® is your solution to managing assessments, audits, checklists and much more.