Acuity® - The Smart Solution To Risk

Companies continue to be under immense pressure to do more with less, to maintain production with reduced operating budget and personnel, ensure risk to the employee and environment is minimized as much as possible, and all while ensuring their systems, processes and procedures meet the strict demands of regulations and compliance for their operations.

To achieve operational excellence, especially in PSM, organizations need to consider not only the skills of their auditors, but the processes, procedures and systems used by the workforce as part of a continuous process of assessment, validation, mitigation and alignment of safety risk to defined goals, delivering a clear mission with attainable objectives. The challenge however, is to manage risk proactively, while capturing vital knowledge from across the business, from the employees, managers, supervisors and to turn that knowledge into standardized repeatable results, ensuring today’s organizations achieve and maintain operational excellence.

As we can imagine, due to the size of today’s organizations and the volume of PSM audits they perform across their business, simple audits or disparate methods resulting in siloed analyses and inaccurate data isn’t effective. The large amounts of “risk data” being generated by each audit team, must be compiled, normalized and reported against, providing resulting key information to the various stakeholders and executive team, site managers and owners, so they can make better informed decisions with respect to the safety and operations of their facilities.

Acuity® connects your organizational knowledge, integrates and improves your existing risk management processes and empowers your people with the right tools to meet your risk reduction initiatives. Acuity® was developed to provide visibility and control over your risk and to ensure your business can be resilient in today’s ever changing global operating environment. Acuity® helps organizations meet compliance, and enable intelligent business decisions towards the identification, analysis and mitigation of risk, while minimizing their impacts to the bottom line.

“AcuTech’s Acuity® software is a game-changer.”

We are pleased to announce that our latest version of Acuity® is now available. Please contact one of our team to schedule a demonstration and see why Acuity® is the smart solution for managing risk.

Acuity® is your solution to managing assessments, audits, checklists and much more.