Checklists & Inspections

Checklists, Inspections

AcuTech has been leveraging technologies for the past 20 years as part of their consulting services with a focus on helping companies reduce risk and make the world a safer, secure and more sustainable place.

Acuity® offers functionality to support simple checklists and inspections, all from a simple configuration within Acuity® or through the import of your existing methodology templates.

  • MTSA Checklists
  • USCG Checklists
  • Fire Safety Checklists
  • Facility Siting and Human Factors Checklist
  • Others

AcuTech isn’t just a software development company, our strength comes from the blending of our broad consulting experience supporting the oil and gas, manufacturing, LNG, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries for more than twenty years with our latest technology platform.

Trusted By The Worlds Largest Companies

Acuity® helps companies manage risk proactively through the execution of a repeatable consistent approach. Acuity® can identify, assess, and mitigate health, safety, environmental and security risks across multiple facilities providing real time insight and transparency from the remote worker to the executive and other stakeholders.

For today’s asset intensive business, to reach Operational Excellence is a demanding challenging, daunting task, which cannot be reached efficiently through silos of information, spreadsheets of outdated data, with limited information. Acuity® provides real-time analytics for a project or from across your business delivering strategies and technology drive improvements in safety, security and preparedness. Acuity® helps you create a more resilient organization that safely achieves better results.

Value Acuity® Delivers


Visibility & Insight

As users complete their assessments, Acuity® is capturing and compiling the results in real-time to present the results to users, teams and managers through various configurable dashboards and reports. Each dashboard can be further output to Excel, Word or saved as a graphic image for use in other applications.


  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Advanced filtering and queries
  • Display results specific to an element
  • Compare facilities and studies
  • User configurable heatmaps of risk
  • Define your own dashboards
  • Export data
  • Document management
  • Establish scoring systems
  • Central risk registry
Acuity Configuration- services

Flexibility To Adapt

Acuity’s® flexibility allows you to support virtually any type of risk assessment (protocol), audit, checklist or form to your organization’s risk culture and automates those processes through our highly configurable technology framework which replicates, integrates and enhances your existing risk methodology.


  • Import existing protocols
  • Build your own protocols
  • Import existing audits
  • Define your own risk matrix
  • Reduce audit time, increase efficiency
  • Increase accuracy of assessments
  • Standardize your methodology
  • Replicate organization structure
  • Assign elements to multiple assessors
  • Multi user roles and accounts
Risk Management -Services

Manage Risk Proactively

Our intelligent framework promotes a corporate standardization towards how risk is identified, analyzed and mitigated across your business. By allowing users to define their own protocols, you have one platform which can support all your various risk methodologies. Users may either work with the protocols provided by AcuTech or build their own.


  • Process Safety Assessments
  • Occupational Safety Assessments
  • Security Assessments and Audits
  • ISO9001 & AS9100 Internal Audits
  • Maritime Safety Including IMO Safety
  • Culture Assessments and Improvement
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Inspections & Asset Integrity
  • Management System Auditing
  • Process Improvement & Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • CFATS, ISPS/MTSA Auditing
  • Quality Management
  • And More
Management Consulting- Services

Teamwork & Collaboration

Acuity® promotes teamwork and collaboration by capturing the risk data digitally as its being created, compiling the findings, recommendations and presenting the resulting data to the team leads, assessors and managers in real-time for further analysis, resolution and action management with Acuity’s® configurable workflow engine.


  • Promote collaboration
  • Automate task assignment
  • Define workflows
  • Email notification & escalation
  • Custom dashboards & reports
  • Track action items through dashboards
  • Manage recommendations centrally
  • Associate workflows to assessments
  • Make actions accountable and tangible
  • Manage multiple risk assessments at same time

How we differ from others?

Learn how you can benefit from working with AcuTech

AcuTech has been leveraging technologies for the past 20 years as part of their consulting services with a focus on helping companies reduce risk and make the world a safer, secure and more sustainable place; however information technologies have not kept pace with the industry’s needs.

In late 2014, AcuTech worked collaboratively with well-respected companies on addressing the challenges the industry continued to face and in 2015, developed Acuity® which our own consulting team utilize on various process safety and risk management projects.

Since that time, we have released Acuity® which blends the right mix of industry best practices, expertise and enterprise technology. Acuity® is a more functional, flexible, intelligent and efficient solution, that can work anywhere in real-time and is intuitive to use, promoting a wider company adoption; here are just some of our differentiators and why AcuTech is the right choice.


Acuity® - The Smart Solution To Risk

Acuity® is your solution to managing assessments, audits, checklists and much more.